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Adit Microsys is a top rated AngularJS development company in India with a track record of structure mobile and web apps that are secure, robust, easy to maintain and extensible to take in additional features. We endeavor to streamline both development and testing of applications by providing a framework for Client side MVC architecture.

At Adit Microsys, we have settled several simple and scalable applications with classy features outfitting to complex business needs for varied industry verticals. Our team of AngularJS developers makes use of cutting edge tools and latest technologies to offer best AngularJS development services.

At Adit Microsys, we create ideas. We provide steadfast AngularJS development services that take you from an idea to the finished product and keep you informed at every stage in between. We produce ample roadmaps that help you recognize what we're doing, why we're doing it and who is doing it.


The main area expertise of our developers is to build ironic website user interfaces & build responsive single page web application using AngularJS. Our AngularJS services include:

  • Consolidated AngularJS Development with different server side technologies like ASP.NET, JSP/JAVA, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Lasso, etc.
  • Development of Web Applications
  • Interactive App. Development
  • AJAX Development
  • Custom App. Development
  • Portal Development
  • Content Management Tools
  • E Commerce, Shopping cart Development
  • Plug-ins Development
  • Hire AngularJS Developer for Quick Solutions

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