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Is your business looking to increase the speed and productivity of your Cloud Development? Adit Microsys can jump start your efforts. When joint with our mature DevOps culture, you’ll interchange even wilder.

Cloud Development is about conveying steadfast single determination, organized and tightly coupled services. These amenities provide accomplished and complex software systems with the speed and quality essential by today’s digital businesses.

We are professionals in developing software solutions to be organized on cloud infrastructure. We have developed several software solutions custom-made to utilize cloud services. As per client requirements, we propose the right cloud infrastructure such as IaaS, PaaS and BaaS to ensure the product being developed is scalable and execution to meet business requirements. We are expertise in working with PaaS, IaaS and BaaS cloud offerings such as Heroku, AZURE, Amazon AWS, Rackspace, Google App Engine, Parse API and

Currently most of the developer’s goal to use cloud as delivery method for their software. Implementation of software as SaaS has fortified using web as the delivery model of services. Because of the web delivery model, SaaS removes the necessity to install and run applications on single computers. To allow SaaS to function unified with least down time and scalability, deployment on a cloud infrastructure is prerequisite. Over time, cloud has progressed and tailored itself to requirements and further segmented into IaaS, PaaS and BaaS offerings, which we will discuss below

Conquer the cloud with our tailored development, integration and management solutions

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Cloud services offered as IaaS work in self-service model, where a user can remotely access, accomplish and observe his hardware. He can scale hardware on demand. With IaaS user is accountable for managing applications, data and runtime. Most popular examples of IaaS are Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Windows Azure and Google Compute Engine.

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

PaaS delivers a framework on which a developer can build upon. PaaS makes the development, testing, and deployment of applications rapid, modest, and cost effective. Most popular examples of PaaS are Heroku and Google App Engine.

BaaS (Backend as a Service)

BaaS is a ready to go cloud infrastructure for Mobile and Web Apps to build API’s. BaaS provides storage and API development platform, where with nearly no coding you can grow simple CRUD API’s. Most popular examples of BaaS are Parse API and Kinvey.

Our expertise allows us to develop cloud applications for a number of platforms, including

  • Microsoft Windows Azure
  • Google App Engine
  • Amazon EC2
  • Rackspace OpenStack

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