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Business delivery model

At Adit Microsys we are providing to the IT Solutions requirement to different types of industries who are from different areas. The scopes of these businesses also differ from one another. The business requirement of each also differs. There are different systems of Business delivery model which are used by us to serve these different types of necessity.

Select Your Suitable Delivery Model from Adit Microsys

Fixed Price Model


This is low risk option where both parties reach at mutual agreement on price, time, and deliverables/outputs.

For Whom:

This is the best suited for start-ups, SMBs, and entrepreneurs who have fixed objectives for their web, mobile, and other software project.

What in it

  • Clearly Defined Scope
  • Fixed Budget
  • Fixed Deadlines

How It Works

Once successful inquiry runs and agreed upon, both parties define and agreed on project scopes, project creeps, milestone if needed, mode of payment, timeline, etc. through proper documentations and advance deposits agreed. This model only works when you have defined or fixed objectives or goals that what you want at the end.

Dedicated Team


If you are running after qualified and experienced developers or team, but incapable to do in-house hiring due to various reasons, our offshore team will work for you as your own staff and at your own terms and conditions.

What in it

  • We have state-of-art infrastructure to ease remote management of your hired team
  • We offer enough options of hiring so you can select according to your requirements and budget, be it salary based, work or time base, or else
  • Our dedicated developers or team is just for your work so you can exploit their potentials fully
  • Our dedicated team is responsible to you so you can get regular reports updates and monitor it your own ways

How It Works

We have the latest infrastructure and equipment to support hourly models where we offer free rein to our clients to access their hired team directly using our modern PMS and the latest communication technologies. Our team leaders, project managers, and marketing team/support team monitor work and involve directly in their affairs or issues.

On Site Model


As the term is self-obvious, in this type of business model, both company and the developers are able to communicate in person instead of e-mails or other communication ways. In other words, you and the developers are in the same premises and often interact privately.

The major benefit of this engagement model is commencement of greater opacity and understanding between the customer and the provider. Other benefits include:

  • Zero accidentals of communication gap.
  • First hand acknowledge of real scenario in clients’ sensibility.
  • Minimum possibilities of modifications at the end of the production process.
  • It also cut down time-to market time on the part of the customers.

On site model therefore is ideal for you, if your idea requires your constant presence and approval.

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