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Our client was looking for a platform that can caters different Restaurants Menu’s, Deals/Offers, Recipes, user can manage their Orders, Social Media Platform Integrations for end users so that they can share and review other users feedback.

As per client’s requirement draft, we developed Gomzy’s that provides users with not only Restaurant Services ( Take a ways) but also User can refer Recipes of wide variety of Cuisines. The object was to simplify users Order Process so that they can receive their take a ways only by a click.



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An app that provides users with wide range of Menus of different Restaurants, Varity of Cuisine Recipes, Hot Deals & Offers provided by different Restaurants, Social Media Platforms Integrations so that end users can share & review other users feedback from different Social Media Portals.

The client required native mobile platform to spread his business and simply user needs through Android and iOS Platform.


The developers at AditMicrosys with a thorough research they came up with Gomzy’s, An Online Food Ordering App with Multi Category Recipes. It gives users multi cuisine options to choose from with Recipe option if available.

The app has multi cuisine Categories, Favorites, Recipes where user will get their Notes and can ask questions for each recipe. For food ordering, user will have an option to customize their order by inputting additional cooking instructions. The app have a daily deals and weekly deals from which user can take an advantage while placing an order with coupon codes.

To make the App more interesting the Adit developers created multi cuisine category levels and daily/weekly deals item image, rating and reviews with exclusive features to make the app more appealing.


We developed this App for iOS and for Android platforms. The development process took a jump start as soon as the objectives were cleared. The designers used Adobe Photoshop for a skillful graphics editing and designing. Using both the above technologies Adit created a free flow for all the levels.



Other Features

  • Social Media Login
  • Menu
  • Deals
  • Recipe
  • Order online
  • Testimonials
  • Social media sharing
  • Add to favorite
  • Deal of the Day
  • Deal of the Week
  • Coupon Codes
  • Cooking instruction while placing online order
  • View comments and reviews on menu items
  • My orders

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