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Our client found an idea to develop custom ERP system for e-commerce solutions with some features. He gave us a list of features and approached us to convert it into a reality.

An application developing team at Adit Microsys analyzed the listed requirements and with a clear view that these functionalities can smooth out of current manual work scenario, our developers started developing this application as per draft requirement and our development team has delivered this application within a short span of time.



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As per clients’ requirement draft the Laleela Inventory Management System comprises of different users. Application will help Stock, Photography and Sales team to manage the different activities such as SKU management, Sales Reports, Stock Management, Shipping Management, Channel Advisors and Amazon Stock Points.


Considering the client’s requirements, Adit developed LaLeeLa a Custom ERP system for e-commerce solution. User can make use of an application on Microsoft platform. Our ERP development team coded different features like: Photography Module, SKU Creation Module, PO Process, Refill Decision, Inventory In/Out Management with use of Analytics.

As one of the growth strategies, we added ‘custom algorithms’ option where system will automate the manual process which reduces the stress of any user.


After a thorough analysis, the business analyst team at Adit, developed a project brief to assist in the development process. The developers set forth to develop the app and used E-Commerce Rest API, a third party API that is based on XMPP. API provided a flexible medium to introduce new transactions and sales report to the application and improves the scalability of the application. Application will automate the PO Process to manufacturing unit based on custom algorithms and analytics.


E-Commerce & Inventory

Other Features

  • Photography & Photoshoot
  • SKU Creation
  • PO Process
  • DC Decision
  • Refill Decision
  • Boxing Process
  • Pull Inventory
  • Shortfall of SKU
  • Custom Reports

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