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Adit Microsys has the experience and understanding for developing a widespread collection of native games.

Our modernized methods of native game development deliver games for both platform precise as well as cross platform practices. We own the creativity and pioneering observation to understand how vital default native games should be to every device.

Native app development is beneficial as it provides for quicker push notifications and also links the mobile app well with its environment. Hence, for an enriched user experience it is sensible to go native. We can develop your spectacular game idea into an awesome native mobile app.

Whether using Objective C or Swift for Cocos 2D development or using Android AND engine along with custom engine, our team is capable in all in the universe of Native game development.

Smooth and bug free JSON & XML parsing is required at times for many game data inter exchange between server and front end devices which is a necessity in development community.

The squad’s best development procedures take care of memory management, augmented build size, high performance etc.

All the business based necessities of Advertisement and Analytics are easily implemented by the developers of native gaming.

Several games demand 3rd Party API integration for data interchange between the game & back-end storage space. Also, almost every game desires some API integration from the sphere popular Social apps. And, supreme of the games have a commercial feature to it, which means more integration with detail to feature advancement enabler through In-App purchase or external payment activity using various payment gateways.

Why HTML5 is fast acceptance for game development?

Initial sounding

Developing a mobile app starts with an initial talk where we discuss your ideas, look at business prospects and make sure we are entirely in line with your visualization and objectives.

Analysis & exploration

When both you and our team have a perfect visualization of your game or app project, we conduct a deep examination and document all your functionality necessities. Our team then associations the outcomes of the examination with their imaginative thinking to find the finest solution for your project.


Designing an app is not only about making a nice-looking picture. Adit Microsys artistic designers will reflect outside the box and design an app that not only looks fabulous, but also is spontaneous and functional.

App & Game Development

Our app developers have the abilities and the skill to develop state-of-the-art apps for iOS and Android devices. We at all times keep our eyes open for new technologies, so that our apps are always compatible with the newest versions of all mobile operating systems. Additionally, we have a gigantic experience in creating web based applications and can grip complex projects that require integration with back end systems and APIs that use PHP and MySQL.


All our apps and projects authorization diligent quality assurance testing and are delivered by extremely skilful project managers. When your app is complete, we can submit it to the App Store, Google Play and other public app stores, as well as deliver tailored made deployment for your enterprise apps.

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