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Our client found an idea to develop dental practice management system for health care solutions with draft features. He gave us a list of features and approached us to convert it into a reality.

A SaaS based application where users can accomplish their patient information, schedules, appointments, acts, accounting & can also communicate through Email & SMS.



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Client provides a draft requirement to develop a SaaS Based dental practice management system which has following features:

  • Appointments
  • Patients
  • Orssistory
  • ACTs
  • Invoices
  • Accounting
  • Stock
  • Statistics
  • Laboratory and much more.

With provided requirement documents, Adit Business Analyst team prepared documents and mock-ups to fulfil the draft requirement for development.


Considering the client’s requirements, Adit Microsys developed an application to swiftly create appointments by operatory or provider. To make it easy to schedule treatment plans, assign more than one provider to an appointment, confirm appointments, Dental Charts, ACTs, Prescriptions, Treatment Plans and much more. Application can easily read the information from healthcare smart cards (CPS and VITALE) using Rest API and strong X.509 certification

An application developed using Laravel framework with PHP platform with strong backbone of Mongodb (nosql) database.


After a thorough analysis, Adit developed a project brief to assist in the development process. The developers set forth to develop the web app. A database of more than 50,000 medicine could definitely slow down the search process. But, we came up with an idea to incorporate local search function, which helps its end users to search medicines quickly. While developing this application, we set our goal to make this application user friendly. User can perform all activities throughout the system from Appointment Booking to Insurance of treated ACTs on patients tooth.

For better and ease of use, we have used Laravel framework with Angular JS with MongoDB database. Furthermore the look and feel of the web application was made more user appealing, which made it easy for the users to cruise around.


Healthcare - Dentist

Other Features

  • Planning
  • Patient Detail Profile
  • ACT Module
  • Patient Invoices
  • Patient Medications
  • Accounting
  • Traceability & Sterilization
  • Stock & Distribution
  • SMS & Emails
  • Laboratory
  • Contacts

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