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Our client was looking for a platform using which SaaS Provider can distribute system to different Restaurants so that Restaurant Owners can manage their employees and their schedules.

As per client’s requirement draft, we developed Pay fast that provides Restaurant Owners features to easily manage their employees and their tasks assigned & Restaurant Employees can access their assigned task details.



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Web app that provides different users with roles and responsibilities like restaurant user can Manage Employee, Roster, Manage Leave, Manage Salary, Licensing, Time Sheet, Check in/out, License Payment, and Global Configuration & Help. Employee user can fill time sheet and their shifts accordingly user will be paid.

Also, The client required native mobile platform to spread his business and simply user needs through Android and iOS Platform.


Considering the client’s requirements, Adit developed a PayFast. Restaurant can use this app on different platforms like Android and iPhone and Microsoft Technologies. Our app development team coded different features like: Employee Daily / Weekly Roaster, Employee Management, Leave Management, Delivery Management, License, Payments, Salaries etc.


We developed this web application using Microsoft technology with MVC architecture and Angular JS and for Mobile technology we have used native Android and iOS platform. The development process took a jump start as soon as the objectives were cleared. The designers used Adobe Photoshop for a skillful graphics editing and designing. Using both the above technologies Adit created a Pay Fast.



Other Features

  • Payroll Management System
  • Add Employee and manage their tasks
  • Manage Employee leaves
  • Manage employee payouts
  • Can view calendar to check availability of an employee
  • Can view Availability with employee’s working shift
  • Manage restaurants and user restaurant wise
  • Employee Check-in / Check-out through native APP

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