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Gambling is a sport that have attracted people since ages and with increasing online games, online gambling is hard to resist. This trend is quickly taking over the gaming world.

Comprehending this vast development in the United States, our client was keen to come up with a native mobile game that is reel, yet gives users a real poker play. Realizing our clients’ business requirement we developed Poker Joker Saga, a game that simply amalgamates the gambling experience and fun through native mobile app platform.



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An online mobile game that provides users a very indulging, near-real video poker (Jacks or Better) gaming experience while expanding the client’s business and versatility through a gaming platform.

The client required native mobile platform to spread his poker business while providing users the same exciting experience through a game mode.


The developers at AditMicrosys set forth to work and with a thorough research they came up with Poker Joker Saga, an interactive Card game. It gives users the real Poker feel with the same amount of fun and excitement as in a Jacks or Better – Video Poker.

The game has Achievements, Map and Statistics where user will get their Statistics and various Achievement Levels.

To make the game more indulging and interesting the Adit developers created 9 different and versatile themes with lots of similar games in the market our developers added exclusive features to make the game more appealing.

With amusing game sound effects and graphics the game is hard to resist.


Our developers did research on the available games and worked towards designing a different theme based poker game. Poker Joker Saga was developed on android platform. This helped speed up the development process. For active and smooth animation while fleeping the cards.

Keeping in mind the client requirement, we used unique algorithms for customizing the app development.

In the similar manner we used custom betting algorithms so that the players can bet on the combinations to win.

With a classic user interface the game, the designers integrated it with Facebook SDK so that the players can easily post their scores and explore more players.

To make the registration process effortless, we incorporated Facebook SDK so that the gamers can start enjoying the game with a single click



Other Features

  • Social media signup
  • Multiple Achievement Levels
  • Statistics
  • Single Bet
  • Double Bet

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