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Our client found an idea of an online gambling mobile game with some basic features. He gave us a list of unavailable features and approached us to convert it into a reality.

A mobile game developing team at Adit Microsys analyzed the listed requirements and with a clear view that these functionalities can attract more users, our developers started developing this game. We delivered this game with engaging UX within a short span of time.



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The client required a mobile platform to spread his casino business while providing users the same exciting experience through a game mode which has below requirement.

  • American Roulette wheel is composed of 38 sections numbered from 0 to 36, the thirty-eighth section being 00.
  • User can place bets of his/her choice.
  • Once bet is placed, user needs to spin the wheel. If ball rests on the bet number, then user will earn points and can lose points if ball rests number other than bet number.
  • Free Spin: If Total Balance of user is zero initially or has been used totally then “Free Spin” button will be enabled. With Free Spin user, can earn points and then he/she can use these points in game.


Considering the client’s requirements, Adit developed a Roullete Game. Gamers can play this game on different platforms like Android and iPhone. Our game development team coded different features like: User can place bets of his/her choice, Free Spin where users enjoy the game in Real Spinner looks.

As one of the growth strategies, we added ‘Winning Number’ option where any user can view five previous winning spin number to decide next bet numbers.


The development process took a jump start as soon as the objectives were cleared. At Adit, the designers used Adobe Photoshop for a skillful graphics editing and designing. Adobe Illustrator was used to develop the vector graphics. Our client wanted an affordable solution to develop Roullete game for Android and iOS platform and to cope up with his bounded budget.

We coded local web-services so that the users can play this game with free spin and regular PLAY mode. Online players can enjoy more features with the In-app purchase. User can tap & spin the wheel and will earn points accordingly in the balance.



Other Features

  • Free Spin
  • Normal Spin
  • Re-Bet
  • Multi Bet
  • Free Chips

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